Virtualization techniques

Power consumption comparison of system-level vs OS-level virtulaization

In this research we want to quantify and compare the power consumption of the overhead of system-level virtualization versus OS-level virtualization. The research question is: Is there a measurable difference in energy efficiency and resources used when running high performance applications in VMs versus linux containers?

The idea of the experiments is as follows: Execute a number of resource-intensive programs on the bare OS, inside a linux container, and inside a VM, and measure the performance and power consumption in each case.

Results (intermediate)

As expected,  the performance and power consumption of the experiments is roughly the same whether executed on the base OS or inside a linux container. VMs are still to be researched.

Partner: University of Amsterdam

Period: juli 2013 – december 2013

Contact: Karel van der Veldt, karel.vd.veldt at uva dot nl