Energy Efficient IaaS

Call for cloud service providers to join our new research proposal

New project proposal: Applied research on Energy Efficient IaaS

The HvA is preparing a project proposal to generate knowledge on energy efficient IaaS services, with emphasis on the differences between IaaS distributions like OpenStack and CloudStack and consequences of software/architecture choices on energy consumption. The research hopes to contribute to knowledge about energy efficient IaaS services, cost-effective management of IaaS services and greening of the IT sector. In various discussions with industry experts IaaS providers were mentioned as a relevant target group given that:

  • IaaS providers pay for the energy bills of the hardware they are using and therefore have a direct interest in more efficient IaaS architecture;
  • IaaS providers use open source solutions such as OpenStack and CloudStack with a large online community, which can be adjusted and tested on energy efficiency in the SEFLab;
  • Above mentioned solutions supports various architectures and configurations for IaaS services: there is insufficient knowledge of the consequences of these architecture choices and other configurations on energy consumption.
  • Considering the rapid growth of IaaS services NOW is the moment to make energy efficient choices in order to avoid high energy costs in the future for IaaS providers.
  • Although most IaaS distributions are mature in terms of IT infrastructure, power management functionalities are still underdeveloped. Within the communities around these distributions there is a need for research and expertise in this area.

Call: Interested parties before December 2013!

At his moment the HvA is looking for companies (especially SMEs; preferably Dutch or with a presence in The Netherlands) interested in participating in the aforementioned research topic. This is possible in several ways ranging from active participation in formulating research questions, managing a subproject, and supervising student projects, to participating in workshops and events of the project. A brainstorm will be organized by early December, all potential partners and interested parties are invited to join this session.

For more information: Robert van den Hoed ( ), Bo Merkus (b.merkus@, Cleantech Research Programme, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. The full project proposal can be found here: 

Download (PDF, 68KB)